Idk what’s left for me anymore…

I don’t feel like anything at all at this point. :S

Meh. :S

So, servers are online…? I don’t even feel like logging in. :S

In anticipation of future updates, a new dye category has been added to the dyeing interface.


Players will now have the option to display the name and size of fish caught by other players in the vicinity in their log window.

…er, yeah, we need more potential junk in the chat window o.O

Look at the bright side, at least we can already download the half a gig’s worth of patch.



Good? Bad? Idk and frankly idc. It gives a reason to actually run ST, so /huzzah.



Good? Bad? Idk and frankly idc. It gives a reason to actually run ST, so /huzzah.

Regarding the new patch…



I’ll add a different note here, as I must be the only one who isn’t disappointed. As far as I know, today’s patch is just a temporary solution before the real individual housing system (aka a whole new map) arrives. At least now people have the chance to buy the current FC houses if they’re eager to own a home of their own. It’s understandable the price is the same, otherwise FCs would stop having any chance, and it’d be unfair that a single person can obtain the same house for much less.

As for myself, I’ve been saving up from the moment this game was released, so I can afford a small house, but I won’t buy it. I’m excited about the new maps, and I’d rather have individual neighbours than FCs. So I don’t mind waiting for a bit longer; the game is very worth it for me ^^

I’m really eager to come home and test the new poses and emotes!

I did not get the impression that there would be new maps even down the road. Only additional wards.

From the dev post:

In the future, we plan to be able to double the total land for all existing housing wards, including the two new wards, in Patch 2.4 with the system changes that we are currently working on.
(Basically, the number of wards available now will be doubled in Patch 2.4).

Yeah, please link where you know about new maps from….? Or, y’know, something.


Given there have been a lot of “Bad” patches, but i definitely think square has done a good job of handling most things that start off as Bad. They easily fixed the weekly hunting game. and they are constantly thinking of new ways to help fix other problems. 

I Do agree with Tovakiin. I think its only temporary for now. Im sure the backlash from everyone will make Square work harder on trying to get TRUE personal housing in for everyone and fix even more things that are being brought to their attention.

Again, the thing is, this isn’t the first thing they have to “handle”. This isn’t even a new thing they have to “handle”, they had to “handle” pretty much the same when actual FC housing was implemented months ago. What’s making it worse now is the bitter resentment many players justly feel about having been kept in the dark for so long, having been directly mislead for so long, with not even getting anything new at all after so long.

The problem is that this is yet another problem they have to “handle” (or more like a problem they have to “handle” a second time); that they honestly couldn’t foresee the issues something like this would case…? If, for whatever reason, a real content isn’t ready yet - just say so, work on it a bit more, and release when it’s ready. Everyone would’ve been ok with that. Instead, there they go again creating problems for themselves as much as for us, because of rushing (?) to haphazardly (?) release new (???) content. The problem is that not only can’t they outright say so, but they purposefully obfuscate everything with vague statements (or lack thereof). I have strong feeling of TR-Xbone deja vu, and that was very far from a good feeling back then already….