Wow. Nagisa. So fucking relatable. :S

Haru-chan is good with his hands.

And him and Makoto are totally like the worried parents & Rei the worried boyfriend. xD


This was such a sad scene&#8230; :(

This was such a sad scene… :(

Hunts are the best thing to happen to XIV’s community since launch

…er, yeah, no. I mean I’m happy if Balmung really is a nice and social and friendly server, good for you. But ain’t nothing positive anywhere else I know/hear about on other servers; only bad.

People are fucking assholes. End of story.


I remember when doing nothing just goofing off in chat and/or in random flashmobs was fun. When doing any kind of content was fun - when WIPING on any kind of content was fun. Y’know, because we did it together.

Now nobody wants to do anything together, everybody just wants to solo things and only group up with other people when it’s absolutely necessary, finish with it and part ways, without even uttering a word.

It’s a multiplayer game, it’s supposed to be social. And you know what, I hate socialising, I’ve absolutely no self-confidence, I’m nervous and shy around strangers. Yet, I enjoyed being together with others in this game - I thought they did too, that was the impression I got. But apparently I was wrong. About 20-odd people still on my friends list, that I’ve added for whatever reasons or just randomly because they were good in a random party… Only two I actually still talk to; the rest mostly doesn’t even say hi or /emote when we pass by each other. So yeah, I guess they don’t care; I guess I really don’t amount to anything - it’s nothing new, I am used to it.

Yet it hurts.

Close-knit little groups of (real life) friends that know each other well outside the game too anyway, that are together - groups that others can’t get into, no matter what. “Hardcore” (gods, that word makes me laugh) snobs who shout people’s heads off if they fail to dodge the most insignificant aoe just once… who never do anything outside their own “static” group because they’re so hardcore they can’t tolerate any kind of failure…who occasionally sell runs because it’s profitable as opposed to teaching others, and ragequit when occasionally ending up in random parties/dungeons that they don’t like… And between the two? People trying to have fun but can’t because of these two - and people who leave because they don’t feel entertained because they rush every new content to the end in two days instead of weeks and are finished with everything and wow there’s nothing to do, what bullshit that is…

No, I cannot feel sorry for people like that. I cannot feel sorry for people who burn through literally every content, finish every class, and whine about weekly lockouts. I cannot feel sorry for those who “have fun” rushing stuff so much they’re “bored” if there’s no new content every one-two week. I feel sorry for those who can’t or don’t want to get all their levels up to 50 in two weeks; who can’t or don’t want to get all their animus relics in two weeks; who can’t or don’t dare to attempt post-endgame content because of the toxic asswipes that expect everything but never give anything - and feel like they better off leaving because of this. If you’re “hardcore” and have the skills that entails (or should entail anyway) - good for you. I respect that. But if that means you’re a fuckhead giving misery for everyone else who isn’t - I say it’s you who should leave because the game would be better off without you. Because, sorry, but you’re not the majority. Most people don’t even have the time to dedicate getting there to be that “good”, even if they wanted to.

Most people only want to have fun… and they can’t, because of all the poison and grief. So they leave. Making all those who stay have even less chance/options to have fun. Because the multiplayer aspect of the game seems to have disappeared.

…I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of crying. Why should I care if nobody else does? Hell, I even brought my other character over - for all the wrong reasons, apparently.

Nobody remains. Nothing remains.

Just fuck off.



…doesn’t it terrify anyone else though, the way average item level is written in the character window? “0100” - as in, four digits… y’know… are we gonna go all the way to the thousands? O_O

But just think about it: All the towers are down in CT, there’s no comets left anywhere, KB slams you in the face with Meteor….and you just shrug like, “I hope that was SUPPOSED to tickle.”